No. Payments are only possible using the cryptocurrency available on
No. To buy a contract, you must send one transaction in one type of cryptocurrency.
You can purchase further contracts, by making a deposit into your Deposit Pocket and from there buy another contract.
The exchange rate is taken from at the time of payment.
No. There are no payments every month.
Every 5th day of each month, you get as much ETH as it was mined in the previous month. These funds go to your Dashboard - Main Pocket.
Funds can only be withdrawn from your Dashboard - Main Pocket.
Minimum withdraw amount is the equivalent of $ 5 in ETH at the current exchange rate.
Transaction fee is the equivalent of $ 2 in ETH at the current exchange rate.
withdrawals can be made only in ETH
On the 15th day after purchasing the contract in your structure.
Because each newly purchased contract has a grace period of 14 days. After this time, the system releases Network Bonus to you.
On the 5th day of each month, for the previous month.
It starts on the 6th day from the purchase. This day is the first day of your contract, so also the first day of your mining. The exact time of mining is visible in your Dashboard.
Each contract passes through the procedure described above.
Calculations are visible in your Dashboard. It’s updated every 10 minutes.
Each of your contracts works for exactly 730 days.
There are no breaks. Your contract works 7 days a week.
After this period, the contract expires.
You can do this when you have at least one higher contract. The rule of purchasing more contracts of the same amount is explained here -
For example: If your Alpha Mini has expired and you also have Alpha Midi, the mining and time of Alpha Midi pauses. When you buy Alpha Mini (exactly after 14 days of grace period), your Alpha Midi contract starts again, from the point of pause.
There is no time limit in order to buy a contract. You can do it whenever you want.
There is no time limit.
You are becoming inactive. You lose the opportunity to receive Network Bonus (both from direct referrals and not direct referrals), and you lose the opportunity to receive Foreman Bonus.
You have the most mining power and there is no danger that you will miss any Network Bonus and Foreman Bonus.
An active person is a person who has active a minimum Alpha Mini and an inactive person is a person who has no contract.
We mine Ethereum with the possibility of intelligent mining (other cryptocurrencies).
There are too many variables to be able to precisely determine that. This is influenced by the difficulty of mining and the changing of price of the token.
The recommendation plan gives you the opportunity to get an additional ETH by recommending.
You receive 5% of the value of each contract purchased by the user in your structure, regardless of whether the contract was purchased in your matrix by your direct referral or non-direct referral. Below is an example of the potential of Network Bonus for ALPHA MINI contract (111 $).

As you can see below, there are 10 levels in the contract. From level 1 and 2 you get 5% without any qualification.

To unlock level 3, you must either have 3 direct referrals or pay a one-time fee of 49.85 $.
To unlock level 4, you must either have 4 direct referrals or pay a one-time fee of 112.39 $.
To unlock level 5, you must either have 5 direct referrals or pay a one-time fee of 269.73 $.
To unlock level 6, you must either have 6 direct referrals or pay a one-time fee of 674.3 $.
To unlock level 7, you must either have 7 direct referrals or pay a one-time fee of 1 733,98 $
To unlock level 8, you must either have 8 direct referrals or pay a one-time fee of 4 551 69 $
To unlock level 9, you must either have 9 direct referrals or pay a one-time fee of 12 137, 85 $
To unlock level 10, you must either have 10 direct referrals or pay a one-time fee of 32 772 19 $

The above requirements do not apply to you for your direct referrals. This means that you always receive 5% of every contract purchased by your direct referrals, regardless of the level of your contract and regardless of the level he/she will be placed in your matrix.
You receive 5% of the mined ETH of each contract of your direct referrals, up to the amount of your highest contract.

You can see your team in your office at Dashboard > Matrix.
Everyone who has registered, and thus bought a contract, always stays in the structure, unless he/she writes to the company about deleting his/her account.
Yes, it is possible. It depends on how big the team will build your sponsor.
There is no such prohibition.
Google Authenticator is an application that you can download to your smartphone for free from Google Play or the App Store. After downloading, you can integrate it with your IE account. From now on, no one without your phone will be able to log into your IE. To login to IE, you will need to enter a one-time password - OTP (One Time Password), which is visible on your phone for only 30 seconds. This method ensures that no one will be able to log in to your account without your phone. Optionally, you can install Google Authenticator in your browser on your laptop or computer.
Here's the link to adding it to Chrome:
It is rare that the time in the Google Authenticator application is not identical to the real one. To fix it, in the application in the upper right corner, click on "three dots", then in "Settings", then in "Time correction for codes" and then in "Sync now". The application will be refreshed. Click OK and already. Now you can log in to IE. If it does not work, please send us your application.
Select the "Remind password" option and follow the instructions.
1. Pay special attention to the address in the address bar of your browser (URL) when you visit the website to log in.
The original Independent Enterprise websites are:
All other websites can be a hacker attempt. How is it possible? When the popularity of a website increases, hackers can make a copy of it and attach it to a similarly sounding URL, hoping that the user will not see the difference in the address of the site. By logging in to such a copy of the site, hackers gain access to your account. This action is called as "phishing". Please pay special attention to whether in the address bar of your browser, the original address of the Independent Enterprise website appears, exactly as shown below.

2. Pay special attention to whether there are any dots or other signs around the URL in the browser.
Here is an example of how hackers tried to cheat BINANCE users... under the letters "n" there are dots. It should not be. This is a hacking attempt. People who logged in to this site, thus gave hackers access to their account. That's why we're sensitizing: when you log in to INDEPENDENT ENTERPRISE, always remember to pay special attention to the address bar and website address. There should not be any dots or other suspicious characters in it!

3. Pay special attention to the green lock on the left side of your browser's address bar.
By going to the websites:
there should always be a green lock visible on the left that symbolizes the encryption of the page. This is the correct display of the Independent Enterprise website.

4. Pay special attention to emails from Independent Enterprise.
Remember that Independent Enterprise will never ask you for your account details by email or phone. The only question an Independent Enterprise may ask you is the question about your email address, which you have registered for the Independent Enterprise. Any communication of an Independent Enterprise with the user can only be from the following emails:
Any other email used may be an attempt by a hacker.
The administrator of the program is Independent Enterprise Global Inc
We do not issue VAT invoices. In your office you have an option of printing a proof of payment.
We do not disclose the location of our mining farm.
We anticipate the sale of physical GPU’s, however, their availability depends on our processing capacity. The priority of the purchase will always have the users from our referral program.
No. We do not sell parts, only the entire mining equipment.